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Nov 27, 2018

Our adventures continue with that well known salty sea dog, Tommy "The Fishmonger” Gomes.

Tommy is a native San Diegan whose Portuguese family settled here in 1892. Fishing is in his veins. He worked on San Diego’s tuna fishing fleet which gave him a deep knowledge of the industry. Tommy is passionate about seafood, seafood education, sustainable fishing, the quality of our oceans and giving back to others who are less fortunate than him.

Catalina Offshore Products is one of San Diego’s premier purveyors of seafood. Still family owned, most of the fish on offer is sustainably sourced by local fishermen. Tommy has been their fishmonger for many years.

Conversation flows easily with Tommy. We had no problem talking for an hour and could have continued longer were it not for his assistant, the delightful Rebecca Gardon, reminding him of his other commitments.

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Produced at Studio C Creative Sound Recorders in San Diego CA