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Jun 3, 2019

In this episode, we talk with Logan Mitchell and Gary McIntyre of Cellar Door Supper Club, and Collins & Coupe Bartending Supplies.
We talk about Cellar Door Supper Club, how it started, the gourmet multi-course dinners they serve in their small, intimate space, and the drink pairings that Gary creates to complement each course.
In 2018 the couple opened Collins & Coupe retail store, where they specialize in new and vintage bar supplies.
Walking into their shop is like walking into an Aladdin's Cave of bartending. Well worth a visit (and don't forget to throw a quarter into the groovy juke box!)
We chat about the origins of the store, how to make clear ice, the wide variety of bitters, shakers, twizzlers, and glassware they have on offer, non-alcoholic cocktails, and that you do not need to be a hipster cocktail bartender to create a gourmet drink.
Collins & Coupe is located at
2876 El Cajon Blvd, #100, San Diego CA 92104
Phone: 619-727-4971
Instagram: @collinsandcoupe
Facebook: Collinsandcoupe
Twitter: @collinsandcoupe
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